Welcome to Utilities Department

Establishing Service

The procedure for establishing utility service with the City of Williams varies, dependent upon customer status. Every applicant will be required to fill out a City of Williams Application for Service.

The Application for Service will establish the customer's account number and effective date of service, as well as supply the City with important information to safeguard the customer's account.

Property Owner:

No previous payment history is needed to establish service with the City if you are a property owner. Our Application for Service form must be filled out and you must provide a copy of your recorded deed for the property to initiate service.

Discontinuance of Service:

Customers who move and discontinue service with the City of Williams need to phone Customer Service at (530) 473-5380 to fill out a Discontinuance of Service form. Customers will be asked for the effective date that the service is to be discontinued, as well as a forwarding address for their closing bill. This form is very important as it safeguards the customer from undue charges.