Welcome to Public Works Department

Our mission is to maintain and operate The City of William's
public facilities and infrastructure in an efficient and
cost-effective manner while preserving the health,
safety and aesthetics of our community.
“Yes we can!”

The Public Works Department is the largest department within the City of Williams, with 11 full-time employees and anywhere from 2 to 16 part-time seasonal employees. Whether we are building new projects like a new police administration facility, or simply filling potholes, Public Works serves as the stewards of The City of Williams infrastructure. The department provides maintenance services for streets, street trees, traffic systems, neighborhood parks, City buildings, vehicles, and graffiti removal. Public Works also operates and maintains the water system, the wastewater treatment plant, water distribution, sewer collection and drainage systems within the City.

City of Williams Public Works consists of eleven (11) departments.

Public Works Administration
Public Administration is not a specific arm of Public Works, but instead functions as all departments’ coordinator and provides leadership to the department as a whole. Administration also serves as the support division for the entire department. Provides and is responsible for maintaining oversight for capital improvement projects, infrastructure, utility engineering and inspection. Provides repairs and preventive maintenance of City owned vehicles and equipment.

Park Maintenance
Maintenance of neighborhood parks including mini-parks and including mowing, vegetation care, irrigation, tree trimming, weed abatement, restroom cleaning, and trash collection.

Building and Grounds Maintenance
Maintains all City buildings and facilities. Provides custodial service to all City owned buildings. Maintains and repairs the City's building maintenance for electrical systems in City buildings.

Pool Maintenance
Public Works maintains safe and healthy water quality at the City of Williams municipal swimming pool during heavy summer public-worksuse and also through the long winter months. Public works is also responsible for the safe maintenance and upkeep of all pool equipment and building maintenance.

Water Department
Operates the City's Water well system to provide a potable water supply for the City. Maintains and repairs the City's water wells. Maintains, repairs, and replaces the mechanical and electrical plant equipment at all City' Water Well sites. Operates, maintains, and repairs the City's water distribution system, including water mains, service connections, valves and fire hydrants. Reads, tests, repairs and replaces water meters on the City's water system and provide water turn-on and turn-off services.

Wastewater Plant Maintenance
Operates the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant to treat and dispose of the wastewater (sewage) collected from within the City. Maintains, repairs, and replaces the mechanical and electrical plant equipment at the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Wastewater Collections
Maintains and repairs the City's sewer collection system, including servicing sewer mains and laterals. Operates, maintains, and repairs the City's wastewater lift (pump) stations and provides safe sanitary services.

Storm Water Maintenance
Maintains and repairs the City's storm drainage system including storm drains, catch basins, channels, ditches and ponds.

Right of Way Landscape Maintenance Local Assessment Districts
Removal of graffiti from public properties. Maintains trees and lawns including inspections, trimming, removal and new planting. Maintains and repairs concrete surfaces, street lighting, including sidewalks, curbs and gutters.

Street Maintenance
Maintains and repairs asphalt surfaces of City streets, including sidewalks, curbs and gutters. Maintains City owned trees in non-landscape districts, including inspections, trimming, removal and new planting.

Street Light Repair
Noticed a street light in need of maintenance? Report a street light problem by clicking here.

Traffic Signal & Sign Safety Department
Maintains traffic markings (crosswalks, traffic lines, etc.) and signing (stop signs, no parking signs, etc) and all electronic traffic signal devices (radar signs, traffic signals, lighting, etc.)

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