From the streets and sidewalks to roads and traffic signals; from new construction to neighborhood cleanups- Public Works is everywhere you look. 

Around Williams, there are many subtle reminders of what Public Works employees do for our city and for our citizens. There is plenty of behind-the-scenes work that helps make Williams the livable, progressive city it is. 

March 18, 2020
Well 9 
well 9 1

Well 9 2

well 9 3

well 9 4

March 2, 2020
Valley Vista Park just got served- with some brand new hardware! A new volleyball net system and fresh court lines made their appearance on the sport's court today. We are grateful to our Public Works staff and City Administration for their contributions to this project and for the feedback from our community- thank you all! The net results of working together set everyone up for success. We dig it, and hope you do too.