Zoning Information

The City of Williams General Plan was adopted by the City Council in 1988. In conformity to this plan, the Zoning Code and related Zoning Map were adopted by the City Council to implement the General Plan. The Zoning Code guides development throughout the City by providing rules and regulations for where buildings may be constructed and what types of uses are allowed by various zoning districts. Each zone district has its own unique requirements for development, although some similarities may occur in related zones. Below are links to the current General Plan and Zoning Map.

As part of the General Plan update program, the City of Williams is concurrently updating the Zoning Code and Map to reflect a new vision of its community. A public review draft of the Zoning Code has been developed for public viewing and comment at:

(Website requires Firefox or Chrome in order to view properly.)

Clicking on this will take you to the Zoning Plus Website. Click on the “View Code” button at the top left of the screen which will take you to the outline section of each of the chapters. Click on the subsections of each chapter for review. The outline of the chapters will appear with plus signs directly adjacent to each. Clicking on the plus sign will reveal the outline of the chapter by section and then by subsection. The actual regulations are within each subsection, which become visible when the subsection is clicked on.

The “submit comments” box becomes visible within each subsection and can be opened for comment submittal when the bar is clicked on. The consultant will respond to comments directly if the commentator provides an email address. We welcome your comments on this new and exciting program being introduced to our community.

The following Zoning Information is available: