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The city's Finance Department maintains the accounting records for city. This department provides support services to all city departments and maintains financial records and preparation of reports in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board, State Board of Equalization, and other governmental agencies.

The Basic Financial Statement details the City’s financial activity and position, which is audited by an independent firm of Certified Public Accountants. The report is the culmination of the City’s fiscal year financial activity; this report is also available at the City Clerk’s Office and the Finance Department at City Hall.

Additionally, the department is instrumental in the compilation of the City of Williams Budget. The Budget establishes management's fiscal plan for the City and is the control tool employed and referenced throughout the period by City staff. The services, programs, revenues and expenses contained in the Budget reflect the methods and use of resources through which staff intends to accomplish the goals, objectives set by the City Council.

Auditing - identify business in Williams that have not obtained the required license or reported TOT taxes and verify businesses have accurately reported gross receipts and/or lodging occupancies when paying fees and taxes. Business’ selected for audit will be required to provided financial statements, tax returns, lease agreements, or other information provided to the federal, state, any person, corporation, company, or other group or organization which relate to the calculations, collection or remittance of business information relating to gross receipts and lodging occupancy. All fore mentioned records shall be subject to auditing by the City Finance Officer. Based on the information provided, the City will verify both business license and TOT taxes paid and due the City. If required to substantiate discrepancies in reported figures the City will retain copies of any audited records. The Finance Department will bill businesses for unpaid business license and TOT taxes, penalties, and interest as provided for in Williams Municipal Code.

Investments - manages the city's investment portfolio in accordance with adopted policies and plans, including preparing cash flow projections, coordinating broker/dealer services, identifying appropriate investment vehicles and timeframe, and allocating interest earnings among funds in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Disbursements - processes the city's vender applications, accounts payable and maintains vendor files and issues checks to vendors; files annual reports required by regulatory agencies; reviews internal controls and ensures department adherence to established payable procedures.

Revenues – processes and verifies accuracy of information pertaining to the organization-wide accounts receivable system, including utility billing, transient occupancy tax, and business licenses; reviews internal controls and ensures department adherence to established revenue procedures.

Payroll - processes the city's employee payroll; files monthly and annual reports with taxing authorities and regulatory agencies; coordinates employee benefit coverage and reports; processes payments for insurance benefits and withheld taxes; and provides payroll statistics to various departments and agencies.

Risk Management - seeks to establish and maintain internal fiscal and policy controls to avert risk to the organization and employees, including ensuring city assets are protected from loss, theft, and misuse and protecting employees from mistreatment. This includes the desire to reduce city losses from liability claims, lawsuits, and property damage. Risk management seeks to foster a safe and ergonomically sound workplace environment to minimize injuries to employees resulting in lowering workers' compensation costs.

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For further information, questions or comments please contact Finance Department:

Finance Officer, Rex Greenbaum 
P.O. Box 310, Williams, CA 95987
Voice: (530) 473-5380 x102
Fax: (530) 473-2189

Assistant Finance Officer, Jorge Carmona
P.O. Box 310, Williams, CA 95987
Voice: (530) 473-5380 x100
Fax: (530) 473-2189