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Williams is a community of approximately 5,300 people located at the crossroads of Interstate 5 and State Route 20, 60 miles north of Sacramento and mid-way between the Sierras and the Pacific Coast.

Located in the heart of the Sacramento Valley, Williams is an agriculturally oriented community. Rice, tomatoes, vine and seed crops, walnuts, almonds, hay, grain, and cattle are raised in the area surrounding the city. The average rain fall is 16 inches annually. Temperatures are moderate, although on rare occasions the winter temperature may dip below freezing and in the summer the temperature may reach 110 degrees.

Williams was founded in 1874 and was first known as Central. In 1876 it was later renamed Williams to honor William Williams, who gave much of the land for the town site. It was made a General Law City on May 20, 1920.

The City of Williams is the gateway to the Northern California hunting and fishing mecca. Also pheasant and dove hunting is available. The nearby foothill regions provide deer, elk, and wild boar hunters a challenge. The Sacramento River, 10 miles east, provides Salmon, Striper, Steelhead and Sturgeon fishing. Catfish abound in area canals and there is Trout fishing within easy driving distance. Numerous hunting clubs and game preserves are located in the near-by vicinity.