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Business Licenses

The City Clerk issues City of Williams Municipal Business Licenses. The Business License Packet consists of an informational sheet, application, a department routing slip, rate sheet, and other important paperwork you will need to obtain a business license.

The cost of the business license is calculated based on the type of business. There are three categories of business licenses and the City Clerk can assist you in determining which category describes your business.

The Business License is valid from the start of the business to the end of the calendar year.

If you have questions regarding how to properly complete your application, please contact the City Clerk, Assistant City Planner, or Building Director at (530) 473-2955.

Please return your completed application to the City Clerk’s office at City Hall. Your application will be reviewed by the City Clerk and all appropriate departments. You will then be contacted with any further requirements and/or questions regarding your application.

Payment will be taken at the Finance Department at City Hall.

Business License Applications/Forms:

Business License Information Packet and Application
.pdf file, requires free reader.  Business License Information

.pdf file, requires free reader. File(s) require free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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